Success! Let the reporting begin

Having now returned home from the Cameroonian rainforest (see previous post), I can report that all five communities currently engaged with the project have completed training, and, armed with smartphones, are showcasing a new kind of conservation. Community-centred, community-led, illegal wildlife crime reporting. Success!

Indeed, information is already flowing in. Interestingly, this is so-far exclusively from the indigenous Baka communities, rather than the Bantu farmers. Those people who believe that indigenous peoples are an obstacle that should be cast aside and make way for conservationists who ‘know better’ need to obviously think again. If we can train non-literate Baka hunter-gatherers who have never seen a smartphone before and live in the Cameroonian rainforest to successfully report wildlife crime using such phones, and empowering them in the process, then the potential to initiate similar locally-led conservation strategies in other places around the world is huge.

These are some of the first real records received from the Baka reporters:

A poacher’s cabin documented by a Baka reporter

Shotgun cartridges documented by a Baka reporter

Voice recordings are possible through the app

The next step is putting pressure on officers from the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife to investigate… Sometimes difficult, but we’re on it



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